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Sacred Land, forever a Gift to God's People

More than a heritage beef farm, St. Catharine Farm is the original cradle of Dominican women religious. The Kentucky Dominicans, now the Dominican Sisters of Peace, were founded on this land in 1822.

St. Catharine Farm has fed the Sisters and the community of Springfield for 200 years, providing not just food for the body, but food for the soul with its deep forests and rolling hills.

Thanks to its placement into a permanent land trust, St. Catharine Farm will continue to be a place of beauty and sustenance for centuries to come.

The staff and Sisters at St. Catharine Farm have a special message for you!

  • St. Catharine Beef

    St. Catharine beef is homegrown and antibiotic-, steroid-, and hormone (ASH) free.  Every cut is USDA Inspected and Graded Choice.

    About Our Beef
  • Locally-Grown Pork

    We buy our pork from our Amish neighbors. It’s naturally-grown and naturally delicious.

    About our Pork
  • Locally-Raised Chickens

    Farm-raised, free-range chickens taste better and are better for you!

    About our Chicken

The best beef comes from the farmer that you know!

St. Catharine Farm is proud to be a part of the Springfield Community.

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